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Muck-truck™ Accessories - Paddock Cleaner

The muck-truckā„¢ paddock cleaner is very simple to operate and it clears manure, garden debris and leaves quickly and effortlessly. The cleaner container has a 350 litre capacity and can be easily emptied by removing the front lid and tipping.


Genuine muck-truck™ paddock cleaner

muck-truck powered barrows
muck-truck powered barrows

As well as vacumming manure from paddocks and fields, the paddock cleaner can also be used on lower revs to collect leaves from gravel driveways without actually removing the gravel and can pick up garden debris from paved areas or concrete and tarmac surfaces.

The muck-truck™ paddock cleaner can also be used for manouvering horseboxes and mucking out stables as you can either enter the stable depending on size or easily reverse in and out.

muck-truck powered barrows
muck-truck powered barrows

Unlike other paddock cleaners, the machine works on vacuum / suction only there is no impeller or other moving parts to be accidentally damaged by picking up stones.

The vacuum can be supplied with either the standard or bulk muck-truck™ skip so that when it isn't cleaning your paddocks it can be used for other load shifting jobs.

Muck-truck bulk skip accessory
Muck-truck™ Bulk Skip
Muck-truck ball hitch accessory
Muck-truck™ Ball Hitch

As the muck-truck™ leading distributor in the UK we always have all muck-truck™ accessories in stock for immediate delivery directly from Severnside Plant in the UK.

We will give you personal instruction on how to attach your new accessory and use at time of delivery if required.

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