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Muck-truck™ Accessories - Skip Loading Ramp

The muck-truck™ skip loading ramp comes in two 1.5m (5ft) laser cut steel sections and ensures safe and fast tipping of loads into a skip or alternatively the loading ramp can easily be attached to the back of a truck.


Genuine muck-truck™ skip loading ramp

muck-truck powered barrows
muck-truck powered barrows

The muck-truck™ ramp accessory is simple to set up, can take loads of up to 450kg and folds flat for easy transportation. The ramp will sit across the width of a Ford transit size van with the muck-truck™ placed on top.


Muck-truck™ skip loading ramp set-up

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


How it works - completely fill your skip from one end

The skip loading ramp is designed to be practical and safe, an entire skip can be filled from one end safely. The ramp has upstands so that the machine stays firmly on the ramp at all times in all conditions.

The first part of the ramp does the climbing, the second part sits horizontally below the top of the skip so that the operator avoids accidentally driving into the skip. Being horizontal also means you minimize the weight on your hands when tipping.

The operator empties the muck-truck™ into the skip until the first pile of material reaches the top. The operator can then drive into the skip and tip off the back of the existing pile. This can then be repeated again to completely fill the entire skip from one end.

This act of driving the muck-truck™ onto the material in the skip also compresses the material maximising the capacity of the skip.

muck-truck powered barrows
muck-truck powered barrows

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