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Muck-truck™ Specifications

Muck-truck™ barrows will go anywhere a tracked machine will at twice the speed and with a skip capacity equivilent to 2½ to 3 times that of a standard builders wheelbarrow, the muck-truck™ will effectively double your output.

Muck-truck™ Specs

muck-truck powered barrows
muck-truck powered barrows
  • Engine - Honda GXV 160 - 4 stroke - 5.5hp
  • Transmission - Peerless trans axle 4 forward/1 reverse speed
  • Capacity - 6 cu ft.
  • Noise rating - 80 db
  • Brake - disk
  • Cables - Protected
  • Wheels - Front 400 x 10 4ply tractive. Rear 2.50 x 8
  • Dimensions - Length 155cm (61") Width 70cm (28")
  • Height - 85cm (34")
  • Weight - 92Kg

Muck-truck™ Dimensions

The 700mm (28") width of the muck-truck™ allows it to easily fit through doorways and other narrow spaces such as between houses or down pathways and it ensures easy manoeuvrability around busy construction sites.

Muck-truck™ dimensions

muck-truck powered barrows
muck-truck powered barrows

Muck-trucks™ Maintenance

  • Transmission is sealed for life and requires no attention
  • Brake and belt adjustments do not require removal of covers
  • All engine adjustments including plug and air filter replacement instantly accessible
  • Five minute drive belt changing
  • All spares stocked (no imports)

Mucktruck easy maintenance    Mucktruck easy maintenance    Mucktruck easy maintenance


Muck-truck™ Demonstration

The no obligation, on site demonstration allows familiarisation and hands on experience for the potential purchaser. This could consist of skip filling, moving slabs, turf or any bulk aggregates.

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As the muck-truck™ leading distributor in the UK we always have muck-trucks™ and muck-truck™ accessories in stock for immediate delivery directly from Severnside Plant in the UK and we will give personal instruction on operation and maintenance at time of delivery if required.

Call us on 0845 373 1832 or email for more details.


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